Nathan Hoover

Long Distance Unicycle Touring

August 2010: Mongolia!

Summer 2009 Africa Tour with Grace: Unicycle Africa My Diary

India Unicycle Tour, April 2009: Induni

800km in 5 days race with Beau in Nova Scotia, Canada, June 2008: Ride The Lobster

Vietnam Unicycle Tour, March 2008: Uninam

Our most recent European tour, June/July 2007: Mediterranean Unicycle Tour

The unicycle tour all three of us went on Jan/Feb 2006: Laos Unicycle Tour Photos

The unicycle tour Beau and I went on in August 2005: Alps Unicycle Tour Photos

The unicycle tour I went on in June 2003: Norwegian Unicycle Tour Download Norwegian TV coverage. Photos

Mountain Unicycling Films

Into The Thunder Dragon, 47 minutes, Bhutan, April 2002. Buy DVD online. View Watch the full film. See my still photos.
  • Winner of the "Best Film on Mountain Biking" award at the Vancouver International Mountain film festival, 2003.
  • Winner of "Best Cinematography under Extreme Conditions" at the Moscow International Mountain Film Festival.
  • Film festival finalist at other international mountain film festivals in the USA, Slovakia, Hungary and Nepal.
  • Called "One of the 20 best Adventure DVDs of all time" by Men's Journal, December 2005

    Unizaba, 10 minutes, Mexico, April 2001. Buy DVD online (available as Special Feature on Fat Tire Fury DVD). View Trailer. See my still photos.

  • Winner of Jury Awards at:
  • The #1 most-screened film on the 2002 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour
  • National Geographic remade this film as "Total Adventure Unicycling Mexico" (only shown in the UK).