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I live in the town of Los Gatos, California, with my beautiful wife of three decades, Grace (aka Megumi), a professional storyteller/hypnotherapist/counselor.

Here's how to contact us:

  Email: uninathan _at_

  Work: 408-807-7488
  Email: megumi _at_

May 2005

Check out Megumi's Storytelling and Hypotherapy web sites, my dad Bill Hoover's web site and our New Year Letters from 1997/8, 1996/7 and 1995/6. If you're interested, you can read our New Year Letter, 1992/3, which describes our epic two month trip from Tokyo to California via the Trans-Siberian railway.

(Old) Pictures and Videos

Newer photos from 2000 onward are online and all digital.

At Heian Shrine in Kyoto, Nov 1, 1997  [40K]

Megumi and Beau, December 1996  [43K]

Family portrait, August 1994  [24K]

Beau in Hawaii, February 1997  [42K]

Beau in Hawaii, February 1997  [42K]

Megumi and Nathan on a 5 month cycle-tour of New Zealand ('89-90')  [115K]

Our son Beau born 2/1/92 in Tokyo  Another Image [70K & 17K]

MPEG video: Megumi morphing into Nathan  [218K/33 frames]

Do you see Beau in any of these frames?

MPEG video: Megumi bungee jumping in New Zealand (1990)  [1.34M/386 frames]

This is a 145' ankle jump from a bridge near Queenstown. It's really a shame that the audio track isn't included here. You can hear Megumi's scream, "I Love It!!!!" echoing through the canyon on the video.

MPEG video: Nathan bungee jumping in California (1990)  [322K/203 frames]

This is a 100' chest harness jump with 2 flips from a hot-air balloon at approx 150' near Tracy. The wings didn't give any extra lift at all...

More MPEGs coming someday: my 300' balloon bungee jump, Megumi skydiving, and who knows what else!


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